Our Why

We hear a lot about organic food or even non-toxic products, information I ignored until it hit home with this news: My mom had stage 4 cancer in her appendix, and I became her full-time caregiver.

From pain came purpose.

This event pushed my entire family into investigating what we ate daily. I soon realized that we were eating a heavy amount of chemicals daily. I learned the effects of GMOs, the fact that Americans consume up to 16 pounds of chemicals each year, and the truth about cancer-causing foods. Armed with this knowledge, we switched over to a clean and organic way of eating.

My mom passed in June of 2014, pushing me and my family to dig even deeper into what became public enemy #1toxins. Research showed that we not only consume toxins through what we eat, but that we also absorb them through our skin and through what we breathe. Another switch soon followed to non-toxic deodorants, cosmetics, and cleaning supplies. 

To be honest, I had a hard time giving up my plug-ins and especially my candles. Even though I’ve parted ways with my toxic enemies, I’ve missed having a candle that not only set the ambiance, but one that filled my home with the best aroma. Conversations with like-minded friends showed a common themeothers missed having the fragrance and the flame as well. 

I started to look into alternative candle companies but quickly grew frustrated. I found many companies that offered healthier waxes, but very few, if any, offered clean and non-toxic fragrances. 

It was out of this frustration that my journey began. I looked to find anything clean that can go into a candle (wax, scent, wick, etc.), and it’s resulted in the creating of candles that are not only non-toxic but safe for everyone.

At Wanderlust Candle Shop, friends new and old can be confident that our products are free from toxins and healthy for you, your family, and your pets to enjoy.

—Jen McAlister, Owner