Our Ingredients


Our wax is made of a 100% all-natural coconut candle wax blend. This wax allows us to created luxury candles with wonderful scent throw and longer burn times that our customers will not only love but feel comfortable burning. This coconut wax blend is non-GMO, chemical-free and allows for a clean burn.


Our fragrances are made of 100% all-natural essential oils, their isolates, and/or all-natural aroma molecules. These materials are obtained from botanicals such as flowers, leaves, seeds, roots, trees, herbs, resins and fruits. Absolutely no synthetic raw materials are used in creating the fragrances for our candles. This means our customers can have confidence in knowing that our fragrances come straight from the earth. We use custom created fragrance blends from Sozio. Sozio is a company based in France and all products fall under strict EU and US regulations of beauty/cosmetic products. Sozio has received USDA Organic, EcoCert, Ecolabel, and Safer Choice certifications for their products.


Our wicks are made of 100% natural fibers. They are constructed of a cotton outer braid that surrounds an inner core of cotton and paper. These wicks are lead free and chemical free. They allow for a smoke free and soot free burn.

What Does this Mean?

Our candles are free of toxins, chemicals, and synthetic materials. Since our candles are clean and natural, the scent throw is light and enjoyable. They will not be overpowering or all consuming. You can feel confident in knowing your candles from Wanderlust Candleshop are clean, safe, and pleasant to burn and enjoy.